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Screed Surveys Bristol

At Screed365 we are fully qualified and trained to undertake all aspects of screed testing and screed surveys in Bristol and Somerset. Our team have undertaken hundreds of projects including floor preparation, screed repairs, screed testing / reports and insulation.

We are equipped to thoroughly test substrates for moisture content, surface regulation and level. We can undertake the BRE screed test or more commonly known “Drop Hammer” to determine whether your the screed you have is fit for purpose. We use both the Tramex moisture meter and also the calcium carbide bomb test to test floors for moisture.

We have state of the art surveying equipment to determine what condition with regards to level, your existing floors are in. We carry out level surveys to enable us to more accurately quote as well as ensuring we are offering the right system. Screed365 can carry out all floor preparation from grinding existing slabs to liquid damp proof membranes and insulation.

Screed Surveys Bristol - Screed Testing - Screed365
Screed Surveys Bristol - Screed Testing - Screed365
Screed Surveys Bristol - Screed Testing - Screed365

Screed Surveys & Testing - Bristol & Somerset

Sometimes screed can be laid incorrectly and if the original screeding contractor was not sufficient for the required works, it can lead to many problems further down the line such as the cost of reinstalling a brand new floor. However even when the screed has been installed properly without any visible problems and there are no issues present, it can be helpful to have undergo a Screed365 screeding surveys and testing to check for moisture content, surface regulation and floor levels.

With our state of the art screed testing equipment we can undertake surveys quickly and efficiently without any disruption to the working environment. For example, if the area that needs to be surveyed is in a building with heavy foot traffic, our screeders can arrange a time and date that best suits you.

Why Undergo A Screed Survey?

Cost Savings

Having a screed test and survey can help find any hidden faults with your flooring and therefore help reduce the potential cost of future repairs.

Great Flexibility

Screed365 understand that working enviroments can't afford to have mass distrubance. That's why we offer a flexible service based around you.

Quick Reports

Our team always focus on ensuring we get in and out as quickly as we can without compromising the quality or credibility of your screed survey report.

Screed Surveys Bristol

If you are looking for screed testing and screed surveys in Bristol and Somerset, the screeders at Screed365 are testing specialists who have undertaken hundreds of residential and commercial screeding surveys. Get in touch with our professional team to arrange your onsite consultation and quote.

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