Sand & Cement Screeding

Sand and Cement Screeding Bristol

Screed365 use sand and cement fibre reinforced screeds (traditional screeds) that are perfect for use in hospitals, offices and other industry. Installed by the correct screeding contractor they can offer excellent solutions with drying times and programme. Screed365 offer customers a fully tailored solution designed to meet your exact requirements.

Working with all major screeding manufacturers it allows our screeders to provide screeds ready for flooring in as little as 4 hours! With special additives we can significantly reduce drying times which is a major factor that is often overlooked when selecting the correct floor screeds for a project.

Alongside of this benefit, it also enables our team to tailor the correct screeding system to meet the supplied criteria. As part of our specialist screed ranges we also offer night or out of hours installs to avoid any disruption to high traffic areas; such as schools, offices and hospitals.

Sand and cement screeding Bristol - Screed365
Sand and cement screeding Bristol - Screed365
Sand and cement screeding Bristol - Screed365

Sand & Cement Screeding Specialists - Bristol & Somerset

Sand and cement screed is a more traditional method of floor screeding that is still to this day a very popular choice with industries (e.g. hospitals, schools, offices, etc). There are various advantages and disadvantages to using sand and cement screed over other methods such as liquid screeding. Both methods are designed and installed by our cerfited and fully trained screeders to the highest possible standards and the finish will result in a completely smooth, level floor surface.

Why liquid screed could be a better option than sand and cement? One of the key benefits is that liquid screed is more conductive resulting in a more even spread of heat across the flooring area when using underfloor heating. Another benefits are it requires no reinforcement, has minimal shrinkage, does not curl, requires fewer construction joints, doesn’t need to have a 75mm thickness to be sufficient, can be specified by strength and is more sustainable as it uses 35% recycled raw materials.

Why Choose Sand & Cement Screed?

Perfect For Industry

Sand and cement screeding is a popular choice for industries and areas with high foot traffic, such as hospitals, schools, colleges, offices and more.

Popular Choice

No one ever went wrong picking the most popular and proven option. If you are confused about which type of screed you need, contact the ThermaScreed team.

Quick Delivery

As our floor screeding contractors only use the best suppliers, we can deliver ready to install sand and cement screed within a minimum of only just 4 hours.

Sand and Cement Screeding Bristol

If you are looking for sand and cement screeding in Bristol and throughout ares in Somerset, Screed365 are sand and cement screed specialists who have completed hundreds of residential and commercial projects. Contact our fully qualified and professional floor screeders to request a 100% free quote and consultation.

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