Liquid Screeding

Liquid Screeding Bristol

Screed365 use anhydrite/gyvlon or the new cementitious liquid flowing screeds like Cemfloor or Belitex. These can be installed 10-20x quicker than conventional screed. We install in excess of 1000m2/day making these types of liquid screeds excellent for a busy site or tight time constraints.

Liquid screed is normally accessible to foot traffic within 24 hours after installation. There is a minimal need for movement joints, calcium sulphate screed does not harbour bacteria and works incredibly well with underfloor heating. Soundness to category A according to BS 8204: Part 1 (BRE Screed Test). A class SR2 surface regularity (5mm in 2m length) when installed. 

Structural Concrete toppings are something we have been installing for years. At Screed365 we use a specially designed concrete which eliminates the need to powerfloat, saving night working restrictions. The concrete does not require the standard reinforcement we are used to, it can incorporate steel or polypropylene fibres again reducing install time.

Liquid Screeding Bristol - Liquid Screed - Screed365
Liquid Screeding Bristol - Liquid Screed - Screed365
Liquid Screeding Bristol - Liquid Screed - Screed365

Liquid Screeding Specialists Bristol & Somerset

Liquid screed has been designed to deliver a completely smooth level surface and work perfectly in both residential and commercial buildings. Liquid screed works seamlessly with underfloor heating because it conducts heat more effectively than other forms of traditional screed, such as sand and cement screeding. The liquid screed can easily flow around the underfloor heating piping stopping air pockets forming, which leads to heat being evenly spread across the flooring area reducing energy consumption.

Our floor screeders in Bristol and Somerset are fully qualified, trained and hold certifications with all major screed manufacturers. Not only do we focus on giving an outstanding quality finish but we also ensure our customers receive a friendly, transparent and helpful service throughout each and every step of the process. If you would like to discuss your project requirements and find out more about liquid screeding, feel free to contact Screed365 today!

Why Choose Liquid Screed?

Energy Efficient

Liquid screed is more conductive than other traditional screeds. This helps spread heat evenly across floor spaces and will reduce the amount of heating needed; saving heating bill spend.

Technical Benefits

Other benefits; sustainable choice with synthetic calcium sulphate (gypsum) binder making a screed with over 35% recycled materials, low shrinkage values, protein free, self compacting, etc.

Improved Flexibility

You can speed up the drying process of liquid screed through force drying methods, such as underfloor heating which can be commissioned as early as 7 days after screed installation.

Various Applications

Liquid screed can be used for sub floor levelling, with or without underfloor heating, perfect for residential and commercial buildings, suitable for floors with heavy foot traffic and much more.

Saves Time

It's easier to install liquid screed than other types of screed, such as sand and cement. Areas of up to 2000m2 can be installed in just one day. This will help save time and money for the contractor and client.

Other Benefits

Liquid Screed requires no reinforcement, shows low shrinkage leading to no curls, fewer construction joints, no wheel barrows needed so less damage, flexible thickness as it does not need to always be 75mm.

Liquid Screeding Bristol

If you are looking for liquid screeding in Bristol and throughout Somerset, then Screed365 are liquid screed specialists who have completed hundreds of residential and commercial projects. Get in touch with our qualified and professional screeders to request a completely free quote and consultation.

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