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Welcome to Screed365, a screeding company in Bristol offering underfloor heating and floor screed solutions. We offer a full range of services including liquid screed, traditional sand and cement screed, heritage lightweight screed, floor levelling, underfloor heating, screeding surveys and testing.

Floor Screed Bristol - Why Choose Screed365?

Screed365 consists of a professional team of screeding contractors who specialise in all aspects of underfloor heating and floor screeding in Bristol. Working with various residential and commercial customers, we have the experience and expert knowledge to work within tight deadlines without compromising quality. Our main objective is to provide top quality results alongside excellent customer service, regardless of project size of budget.

Our floor screeders in Bristol hold certification with every major manufacturer that supplies free flowing liquid screed, self compacting concrete and pre-mixed screed products. This enables our team to offer in depth guidance and advice for any situation, giving our customers the opportunity to make an educated decision on the chosen system.

Bristol Liquid Screed

Liquid flowing screed, such as Anhydrite and Gyvlon or the new Cementitious Liquid Flowing Screeds like Cemfloor or Belitex, can be installed up to 10-20 times quicker than traditional screeding methods.

Floor Screeding Bristol - Liquid Screeding Bristol - Screed365

Sand & Cement Screeding

Sand cement fibre reinforced screeds are ideal for use in hospitals, offices and industry. We work with all major manufacturers allowing us to offer screeds ready for flooring in as little as 4 hours whilst tailoring systems to meet clients criteria.

Floor Screeding Bristol - Liquid Screeding Bristol - Screed365

Lightweight Screeding

Lightweight Screed is a Specialist Screed used in Heritage or Listed Buildings. This system is specifically designed to allow the floor to breathe. ThermaScreeds lime based floor screeds can provide a major benefit to older buildings.

Floor Screeding Bristol - Liquid Screeding Bristol - Screed365

Underfloor Heating

Our Underfloor Heating Systems integrate seamlessly into the structure of your floor and can be installed beneath a range of finishes including tiles stone, carpet, laminate and real wood flooring; eliminating the need for traditional radiators.

Floor Screeding Bristol - Liquid Screeding Bristol - Screed365

Floor Levelling

Levelling Compounds or Latex Screed can be used when a floor only needs a very thin skim to bring it back to a level surface ready to receive flooring. These screeds are fast to install, can be incorporated with damp proofing and dry quickly.

Floor Screeding Bristol - Liquid Screeding Bristol - Screed365

Floor Screed Bristol & Somerset

Screed365 are fully qualified floor screeders in Bristol focused on giving customers genuine, honest and transparent screeding solutions. Our Bristol screeding contractors only use the best quality and most recognised screeding suppliers and products, tailoring the approach entirely around the individual projects.

We hold certification with every major supplier and manufacturer that supplies free flowing liquid screeds, self compacting concrete and other pre-mixed screed products. Screed365 only work with the major screeding manufacturers, such as Cemfloor and Ardex, for piece of mind so that our team know that every single floor screed we install is of upmost superiority. We aim to provide our customers with the correct guidance for their particular situation, allowing them to make an educated decision.

24 Hour Service

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Underfloor Heating and Floor Screed Specialists In Bristol & Throughout Somerset

What type of screed do you need? Traditionally sand and cement screed has been applied as the foundation for floor screeding. Over the years the industry has developed new products and advancements in technology. The type of floor screed you select largely depends on what the typical use of the floor will be. For example, sand and cement screed would be perfect for industry use whereas liquid screed might be a better option for underfloor heating. Please note that the Screed365 team will be here to help and advise a bespoke solution once we have a clear understanding of your project goals. If you are looking for floor screed in Bristol, then contact our screeders for a free floor screed quote and consultation today.

Latest Projects

Screed 365 have helped hundreds of commercial and domestic customers with floor screed solutions in Bristol and Somerset. We have various projects available on our projects page and even more on our Facebook page.

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